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What a world we live in.

You can see the ashes scurried away by the flimsy wind of yesterday. No doubt years and days are but tinny lines that causes the bulkiest of nightmares. Days are been shallowed in weeks, weeks in months and months in years, yet it seems as if all these randomness are but a silly film in my head that won’t flush away. I have discover that life itself is an episode, but not nothing which episode you are in and the role it demand is the pit that fools seldom escape. Much thinking sometimes connotes much sinking. Doing same thing and hoping for a change is not very far from instanity. What a world we live in! Beautiful world that give solace to some cruel minds fabricating mischief as though the world can’t do without it. But i can still commend the bravery of nature and the awesomeness of the creator. The world we live in always give room to the brave and those who persist. Don’t remain in the place where life wants to place you; you have to tell life where you need to be placed. No revenue is as quality as the mind harness for it full potential. Don’t see the mountain; see the view you can get if you make it to it top.


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